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How should a society be? September 16, 2007

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A society is a group of individuals that live together in the proximity. If we consider the radius of the society to be very huge, its the whole world, little lesser its our Country, even lesser, its our state, even lesser its our city, even lesser its our area, even lesser, its our apartment, even lesser its our family, even lesser its us (its me or you rather).

To change the society to, what you want it to be, first you or me should change.  Change yourself to what you want the ideal society, you want to belong. You would slowly start influencing others thoughts by your action.  As people around you start recognising your values and start trusting you, they would try to emulate you and the chain reaction happens.

So my dear Man/Women, try to follow your values, make them a habit:

So lets have a discussion to identify what could be values that would be great to have, one of the main crieteria is that the value should not just appy to me or to you ;

A value or a good habit is one which would satisfy the following basic set of preconditions:

1. It should never hurt anyone. [Hurt : Not just hurt any one physically, but never in any form, phycological or emotional, or in any form]

2. It should help improve the people starting from you. Greater the value of your values if it can cover a greater radius. (Start from you, your family, neighbours,whole apartment,like that).

3. The value should be a habit. A habit is a consistent perseverance of a value for atleast 1year.

If we satisfy these three condition and could identify a value that is great. Always start off with a small value that you would keep close to the heart. If your value becomes in anyway any irritation to others, its no more a value, you need to change it. Keep refinining your value.

Keep your values first simple and easy. 

One value i am planning to follow:

1. Measure twice; Speak Once;

My reasoning: 

You cannot take back a word that you just spoke; its spoken and gone. So speak measurably and sensibly.

Trust me, our words have great power. The power of our words are tremendrous; We are not allowed to realize.

Try this value, Try measuring your words before you speak to anyone and speak only those required words. Initially it would be tough. But once you get into that practice, you would soon see the amount of respect your words demand.


Values that always took uturn for convenience…. August 16, 2007

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  • He declared Indian independence as a day of slavery and declared it as a day of mourning. He fought for the separation of Tamil areas of India and Sri Lanka and for the human rights of the oppressed Tamil diaspora. He backed colonial rule and attempted to forge an alliance with both Ambedkar and Jinnah.
  • His comment on Tamil as a “language of barbarians” haunted him later in life. He was a strong proponent of embracing English as the global language and dropping Tamil from academics. To this day, his followers choose to ignore discussions on this topic.
  • Early in his political life, he had derided Tirukkural and an anachronism and a tool for Aryan aggrandisement. At a later point, he embraced it as the true guide and insisted it was a common guide for all religions. When prominent Muslims spoke out and commented that a man-made work, Tirukkural can never equal God-given verses (Qur’an), and his rationalist thought observed silence.
  • Guess who is this great personality whose only ambition is his sadistic pleasure in taking revenge against brahmins. He entered politics to quench his individual hatred against brahmins.

    Guess who is this great leader who lived his values….  only that his values keeps taking complete uturns for his convenience… but still he was living his values… 🙂

    He never believed in Gods… errr… sorry only Hindu gods… he never had a back bone to say to Muslims that their God doesnt exist as per his theory…. 🙂 A man who lived his values…

    At the age of 70 marrying a 18year old girl was a right thing for him! How great his values were….

     Now find what is his name….

    He is popularly called Periyar… Mr EV Ramasamy Naiker…. (Naiker is a caste name!!).

    Happy Independence Day! August 14, 2007

    Posted by Thinker in India, Social Concern.

    Vande Mataram

    Sujalam Suphalam
    richly-watered, richly-fruited
    Malayaja sheetalam
    cool with the winds of the south,
    dark with the crops of the harvests,
    The Mother!

    Shubhrajyothsna pulakitayaminim
    Her nights rejoicing in the glory of the moonlight
    Phullakusumita dramadala shobinim
    her lands clothed beautifully with her trees in flowering bloom
    Suhasinim sumadhura bhashinim
    sweet of laughter, sweet of speech
    Sukhadam varadam mataram
    giver of bliss, giver of boons, the Mother
    Vande mataram
    I bow to thee, Mother.

    Actual Backwards should be helped. June 21, 2007

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    I would want some policy that would help the backward classes’s state to be improved. Do not mistake this to caste based backwardness which is purely politically motivated. What i am concerned is the improvement of the actual backward people, the poors. THe poor people do not belong to just one or two castes. Every caste has a percentage of poor people whose’s life should be improved and we should help them raise their standards of living.

    We should definetly help them by giving them more moneraty benefits so that they have equal footing to complete with the best in the society. This way by providing them enough scoralships and free tutions, they would be brought to the equal standards that a richer student would get. This help should be provided strictly on the economical factor of the person and should be favoured irrespective of the caste he is born in. Whether he is an SC/ST/Brahmin/OBC, if he does not have enough economic strength to afford education, he/she should be supported by giving access to facilities like books, tution waivers, free tutions so that he would have every resource at his hand to compete.

    Instead of doing such an effort where it would help the actual backward, the rich in the so called SOBC (So called OBC) are depriving the poor of thier basic rights. My suggestion would be to help these Actual Backward classes and the help should reach the needy and not the rich people.

    President of India – By the UPA, of the UPA, for the UPA! June 19, 2007

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    The First citizen should atleast be selected based on the Merit of the post.  The people of India would definetly expect some person who is not politically biased in the seat of the President. But what is happening in the election of the president seems to be biased selection. Congress is bent upon a candidate who would just sign what ever drafts that it forwards.

    My support would be to Abdul Kalamji who perfectly fits the post for the president. I appreciate the third front that has elected him as the candidate. Hopefully we can see Abdulji to take on the second term and guide india to a developed nation. (How over optimistic i am!!)

    But having more than enough votes.. UPA’s candidature would walk the easy cake in the elections!

    President – By the UPA ,of the UPA and for the UPA… might be the outcome at the end…

    Hail Mayawati- Let her Live Long. June 8, 2007

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    I am atlast able to support one leader whom i can trust. I support Mayawati 🙂 Yes she is a dalit leader, so is she a leader for Brahmins.

    Dravidian moments always portay that a miniscule 2% Brahmin community was the reason for all their suppresion. If you really see its the OBCs that actually supress the Dalits and at the same time supress the  Brahmins as well.

    The OBCs (take an example of Thevars who always kill and ruin dalits live near their towns in Tamil Nadu), discriminate the Dalits in their acts and while talking politically present themselves to be supporter of Dalits.

    Ask an OBC what they have done for the upliftment of the Dalits for the last 60years, when actually they were the rulers of Tamil Nadu.  Why is the dalit’s condition not improved with the governance of Dravidian parties!

    It is simple, OBCs are the exploiters and offenders of the Dalits. But they happily put the blame on the brahmins. Its easy to play a blame game;Its more easier to blame a silent,soft ommunity that doesnt have any political backup what so ever. What people say, beating a dead man and claiming victory.

    Take an example of the Tamil Nadu government and tell me the total amount of Brahmin MLAs in the assembly, its just two, one is Jayalalitha and the other is  SV Sekhar. The remaining lot is the OBcs who are still working for last 60 years to bring the dalit’s life to a better one. But all these 60  years of their rule, have you ever seen the dravidian parties  did  anything good to dalits? All they did is to offend Brahmins and their disciplined life. All they did in 60years is to systematically offend Brahmin community(hitting a dead man) and neglecting  improvement of the actual underpriveledged.

    If they have done any good to dalits, why is dalit’s conditions have not improved in last 60years, dont tell me two brahmin MLAs were the whole reason for their non-improvement!!

    This is the reality, its the ruling class(OBCs) who are the exploiters of every other castes. They were the exploiters of Dalits and Brahmins.

    It has just started that the two opressed communities (dalits and Brahmins) are just joining their hands together. Let us march forward and get our self respect back from the ruling OBCs.

    OBCs are the Exploiters of the every other castes- Says Hindustan times. May 26, 2007

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    Renuka Narayanan, Hindustan Times

    Chennai, May 24, 2007

    First Published: 00:35 IST(24/5/2007)

    Last Updated: 00:37 IST(24/5/2007)

    Ban caste itself, say Tamil Dalits

    “The constitution has made untouchability illegal, but caste is still alive in our society. Our goal is to have caste itself banned,” says Ravi Kumar, a Dalit MLA. A noisy meeting of tribal students in Cuddalore District, south of Chennai, leaves Ravi Kumar hoarse. But he resolutely prepares for his next meeting in his constituency — the historic Vaishnava temple town of Kattumannarkoil.

    Kumar is one of the two MLAs from the Viduthalai Siruthaigal (Dalit Liberation Panthers) in the assembly, which has  44 Dalits. His party leader is Thol. Thirumavalavan of the Parayar community, that for centuries announced village deaths by drumming on the parai (a local drum). From the name of this formerly ‘untouchable’ community had originated the derogatory ‘paraiah’. Today, however, 64 per cent of the 1.1 crore Dalits in the state are literate, just 10 per cent behind the state average of 74 per cent.

    “This high literacy level among Tamil Dalits is not due to the Dravidian movement,” says Ravi Kumar. “In British Raj, only two communities had a good English education: Brahmins and Dalits. The Brahmins, because they served the British in offices and the Dalits, for serving them at home as cooks, bearers and personal attendants. A Tamil Dalit, Rettamalai Sreenivasan, attended the Round Table Conference in London with Dr Ambedkar.”

    Dalit political awareness in Tamil Nadu began as early as 1895 with the Adidravida Mahajanasabha founded by M Chinnathambi. His son, MC Raja, made a Rao Bahadur by the British, published a Dalit magazine Parayar (which also means ‘to speak out’) between 1893 and 1900, with a circulation rivalling The Hindu.

    However, the last 40 years of the Dravidian movement have not helped Tamil Dalits because of caste demographics.

    “Forward castes, including Brahmins, Muslims and Christians, constitute 13 per cent of Tamil Nadu. Scheduled Castes are 19 per cent and Scheduled Tribes one per cent. The rest are intermediary castes who control political power,” says P Radhakrishnan, Professor of Sociology at the Madras Institute of Development Studies and author of the study, ‘Religion, Caste and State’ (2007).

    Says Ravi Kumar, “Of the 234 MLAs in the present assembly, only two are Brahmins: Jayalalitha and SV Shekhar of the Mylapore constituency. Middle castes have run the government for 40 years. So who is responsible for Dalit non-inclusion?” In the 2004 general elections, the Liberation Panthers and another major Dalit party, the Puthiya Tamilagam, were kept out of the Democratic Progressive Alliance (DPA) led by M. Karunanidhi of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK).

    Atrocities against Dalits continue, mostly perpetrated by the two most dominant backward castes — the Thevars (mostly AIADMK supporters) and the Vanniyars (the PMK’s vote bank). Two years ago at Thinniyar in Tiruchirapalli district Thevars forced Dalits to eat human excrement. Six months later, Dalits were forced to drink urine at Gounderpatti near Dindigul.

    “The only radical solution is to ban caste. No wearing caste marks or retaining caste surnames, banning caste-based organisations and abolishing government caste-counting mechanisms like official forms. But will any political party have the guts to do it? Particularly in TN?” challenges Ravi Kumar.

    Is this a constitutional amendment whose time has come?


    © Copyright 2007 Hindustan Times

    What is OBC ? April 10, 2007

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    OBCs – Any caste that are influential vote banks in India politics and can influence the politicians to include their caste into a list of Priviledged castes.

    These priveledged castes (Rather people belonging to these castes) would  get benefits to get into good universities with lesser merit than the required merit to get into good universities.

    Once they complete their education, these priveledged caste people would get reserved jobs in the Government (which means you can get a government job with lesser merit obatined in the examination.)

    Again they would get promotions with lesser merit, as we have reservations in the promotions in government jobs as well!

    Justice Delivered! March 29, 2007

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    Yes Supreme court just delivered the Justice. Condemns the Goverment as playing vote bank politics.

    Government knows that  OBCs (actually OBcs are those sections consists of very rich people.. even richest in india..) have more vote banks and wants to appease them by playing vote bank politics.. and Supreme court rightly put the government in its place.

    Lets all unite together. Let there be no Caste based discrimination. 

    Jai Hind.

    Should we have a Monolithic world ? August 4, 2006

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    How we define Religious Tolerance?

    I guess, religious tolerance is to allow other religions to co-exist and respect that they have their own right to follow their own faith.

    If this is so, why some religions are converting the rest of the world to itself?  Please do not get emotional, lets look at this at a very rational way.

    If we think one religion is very great, that you feel is the best one to follow, would it not automatically observe people to it?

    If this is considered true why do we need conversions?

    I feel, the necessity of conversion should have existed when the religion started(evolved), where you would have very few people following it. So, feeling insecure that it might get destroyed, we convert others to it and prevent our religion from extinction.

    Lets take the case of Christianity:

    Since christianity is the major religion followed by the entire world why would we need to convert others into christianity, if others feel it(Christianity) is good they would automatically start following ours(Christianity) and become a christian!

    Why do we still have the same fear to get all others converted! Why huge machineries with so much funding to make this world a christian world.

    Imagine a monolithick world of single religion ! Would it not be boring! When we have no choice? I would definetly not prefer it!

    I am pained to see the bakbone less Hindus are getting easily converted to christianity for money! (Yes, some missonies offer money if some one gets converted to their religion and this happens in India).

    I feel very bad that at some time we would never have any choice to follow a different faith except christianity.

    How do you feel in such a monolithic world!