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Begin with the End in the Mind, But what is the end? July 5, 2007

Posted by Thinker in India, Philosophy, Religion.
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What is the reason for our Birth? Is there a purpose that we are serving in this earth? What happens when we die? These are the basic questions that ponders everyone’s mind when they think of Life 🙂

Before even getting into that, we need to know who we are!. I was thinking about who am I? I could come up with different attributes that i have, but i couldnt come up with a complete fully satisfactory answer!

Some of the answers that we can think of is:

1.I am my name (Uh.. not i am not just my name its just an identification!!)

2. I am son of Mr… (oopss. this is just the relationship that i am mentioniong not me!)

3. I am a Software Engineer (!!! part of my identity.. not me…).

4. I am the aggregate of all the attributes mentioned above and more! ( No way.. i am not just my attributes!!).

So who am i? Who are you?

Could I say I am my feelings? I am my thoughts? I feel this is appropriate.. as any other explanation is either physical or an property of the physical being.

If i am my feelings or Thoughts then i die every moment (weird); As and when I am thinking about a word and as soon as i have thought about that word;  its no more a present thought, its a past thought.

So I am what is my current thought?! But i not limited to that! I can traverse back to my previous thought; when i recollect some happenings in the past. So i am kinda past thoughts and present thoughts? But mere thoughts wouldnt necessarily define me, i only act on certain thoughts that i have and discard some of them; So am i a subset of the thoughts which are actionable??!!

Still this is a vagaue answer. Who are you and Who I am! Not sure. Not sure what the answer is 🙂