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How to improve the conditions of Brahmans? June 27, 2007

Posted by Thinker in Brahman, Brahmin, India, Politics, Religion.

The current state of Brahmin Community in India is deteriorating.  There is urgency now to fight for the upliftment of the forward (So called Forward as they are actually backward) communities of India. To see the plight of the current brahman community in india check this video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=P7Xgc4ljHKM.

The main reason for the deteriorating situation of the brahman community is our very core value of Tolerance and Non-Violence. I am not advocating violence, atleast we should come out in the street and start protesting for all the injustice that is happening to us. Tolerating injustice as “the Fate” would no longer get us anywhere.

Some of the things that should help our community to lead a normal life:

1. Unite all Brahmans in the country.

2. Form a strong institution that helps develop our community into one of the politically strong and socially strong commuinity.

3. Form our own network that shall help fellow poor Brahmans in their Livelihood to give them Mental and physical strength to face all the discriminations that they are facing.

Let me know fellow Brahmans any other ways that you have so that we can help this poor community from discriminations and help uplift this community.

Namah Sivaye : Namo Narayana

Aram + Vintham (Aravinthan).