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FireFox 3.0 and WordPress Just wont Work? June 19, 2008

Posted by Thinker in FireFox, WordPress.


Firefox30 I am not able to login to my WordPress login through Firefox, dont know what fire fox doesn’t like about the WordPress.I recently upgraded the Firefox to 3.0 version from where this problem started 🙂

Am I All alone or is any one with me?





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1. Charles - July 19, 2008

I can not upload pics to my wordpress once i upgraded from 3 to 3.0.1

2. Mustapha - July 19, 2008

I found a solution to that same problem.

I cleared my private data using Tools>clear private data and checking every option.

I figured it had something to do with a previously stored password (when in the past i checked “remember me”),

I’m so glad I’m back to using firefox instead of Safari 🙂

3. Greg - May 7, 2010

I tried this but each time I return to the WordPress Dashboard Firefox returns a blank screen.
I am unable to use Firefox and WordPress together.

4. PartOfMyThoughts - August 5, 2010

Hey! This helps. I recently had this login problem.

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