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Hindi is not the National Language of India April 23, 2008

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There is no National Language in India. India is a  language agnostic nation 🙂 This is a good learning for me as I was made to belive from my schooling that Hindi is the national Language.. which was false!




States that,


 Article 346 of the Indian Constitution recognises Hindi in Devanāgarī script as the official language of central government India. The Constitution also allows for the continuation of use of the English language for official purposes. Article 345 provides constitutional recognition to “Official languages” of the union to include any language adopted by a state legislature as the official language of that state. In effect, there are “Official Languages at the state and center level but no one “national language”.


Official language is a language standard used only in (Central) Government documents..  By no means it is an indication to external world that “India speaks Hindi” but somehow I this precisely the same happening..


I Don’t know how we forget that we are a linguistically free nation..  🙂


Calling Hindi as national language is like calling india a “Hindu nation”..  Both of which are false..  Wake up indians..  😉



My notion is to CREATE SOME GENERAL AWARENESS amoung us.



There are 23 Official languages as like Hindi… Please dont mention again its a National Language…



Some extracts for ppl who say since most of India is speaking Hindi so we should have hindi declared as national language.. here is why we should not:

If for some reason, if we decide and say “Hinduism is the religion of >75% of India so let us have a national religion which is Hinduism. We recognize all other religions as “official religions”, The government will endeavour to ensure that all other religion’s followers are encouraged to learn Hinduism and follow along with their own religion”. What would be your reaction ?


Now substitute Religion with Language and Hinduism with Hindi and tell me why is it still acceptable ?


Just as a religions cut across languages/regions in India, languages cut across regions and religions. All the reasons that would rule out a national religion, should IMO rule out a national language.






1. calitz - May 20, 2008

good post ,and very sensible .

2. Nikhil - July 2, 2008

dude….awesome post.

3. Mangai - August 7, 2008

The comparision is very true… great thought

4. nice - August 17, 2008

wonderful post….thought provoking !!!

5. katinka - spirituality - September 28, 2008

I knew that. But thanks for reminding us 🙂

6. Varun - November 19, 2008

are u an evangelist? u must be one! u guys don’t know when stop do you?

7. johnsvuk - January 26, 2009

very nice man .. u knw the written the right thing

8. Careless nomad - March 3, 2009

very nicely presented argument … its true hindi is not the national language of india

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